YUNGBLUD Taps Denzel Curry For Rock-Hip Hop Single “Lemonade”

An unlikely musical pairing makes for an impressive duet as YUNGBLUD and Denzel Curry join forces on Lemonade. The English rocker has steadily increased in popularity, especially during his romance with pop star Halsey, and he continues to rise. Florida emcee Denzel Curry is a fan favorite in the hip hop scene, so he lends his lyrical prowess to YUNGBLUD’s “Lemonade,” making a fusion that fans of various genres will enjoy.

When speaking about why he wanted to work with the rapper, YUNGBLUD reportedly said, “Denzel was the perfect fit because he is a true activist. His lyrics inspire me daily. He is an artist who is fighting for the same things as me: equality and inclusion across the f*ckin’ planet.” Stream “Lemonade” and leave your thoughts on this one.

Quotable Lyrics

Stopped takin’ acid, but still got a reflux
Eyes ripped out from the socket to a teacup
Drink up, inside, look when they peep us
Jesus in the belly of the beast, but
Outside, there’s a war goin’ on on your front lawn
Black Hawk, see the red dawn, horizon