Young Thug Snapped Like Never Before On “Harambe”

Given how versatile Young Thug has proven to be across his vast and eclectic discography, it’s easy to forget that the Atlanta rapper can snap whenever he so chooses. Though not entirely his preferred approach, it certainly makes for a welcome treat whenever he does let loose on the mic. As it happens, he did exactly that four years ago to this day, with the release of his arguable opus and Jeffery highlight: “Harambe.” 

Never has one single song displayed such a malleable mastery of cadence. Over the course of the three-minute-plus banger, Thugger’s voice goes through more alteration that somebody possessed by a minion of Satan. And yet never has he bodied a track with such deadly conviction. In fact, it’s hard not to walk away from “Harambe” without feeling a wistful desire to hear the Slime King revisit this style on his next project — whenever that ends up dropping. In the meantime, Jeffery remains valued as one of Young Thug’s best albums, with “Harambe” playing a large role in furthering that opinion. And let’s be honest — when Young Thug is at his most feral, there is simply nobody capable of matching his intensity. 


I know I did a lot of sins
And I hope you still let me make it through, ah
Just ’cause I got me a spot in LA
That don’t mean I’ma change the crew