TyFontaine Drops Trap-Pop Bop “Cuff Jeans”

Practically an infant in the rap game, TyFontaine is already making strides. After releasing his first mixtape, 1800, this year, the D.C. native couldn’t stay on the sidelines for long. Already, he’s returned with his head-wobbling tune, “Cuff Jeans”.

The classic synths and 808s we might expect to take center stage in other artists’ work instead floats in the air among TyFontaine, as his charming vocal controls the tone. The rising star’s music video fittingly depicts a cartoonish landscape, equally as vivid as his voice and his production.

With each bar, he tiptoes through melodies like a pro, making a fluid heel turn from the most conventional of mumble rap standards to sing-songy breaks that even Drake could envy. The bubbly, semi-euphoric song, clocks in at only around 90 seconds, yet appears to purposefully pack a dense punch.

Said Ty of his creative process, “The feeling of making a good song is better than anything, and I want to make songs that people can hear and relate to or vibe to, something that people really cherish so that it becomes a part of their life forever.”

Quotable Lyrics
HighTide, chillin with my soldiers
Got to tell em ’cause they hating
These n***s be the closest wanna get rid of me