Whether you call him Tinie Tempah or simply just Tinie now, one thing that’s for certain is that his recent single “Moncler” made for a certified summer banger. As an added bonus, we now have a remix that features an equally fire verse from Roy Wood$. 

Tinie Tempah Roy Woods Moncler Remix
Image: Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images for YouTube

Much like the original version that features Tion Wayne, this remix to “Moncler” finds every way of illustrating what it means to live a lifestyle that requires “Moncler in the winter” and “Prada in the summer.” The upbeat instrumental is what gets your feet moving, but the idea of presidential suites and black Range Rovers that are thrown around in the verses is what really gets your mind going.

Take a listen to the remix of “Moncler” by Tinie Tempah and Roy Wood$ below or wherever you stream music.

Quotable Lyrics:

I pray this time that we spend, it can never end
I’m on whatever thing you recommend
Got the Rose Gold, runnin’ at the president
Presidential suite, when we checkin’ in
When you walk in the room, you set a precedence
N***a livin’ so decadent
Wearin’ a girls’ best friend, can I get a gem?
You wanna ride, baby S&M