Thundercat Grabs Smino & Guapdad 4000 For “Dragonball Durag Remix”

It’s not a secret formula here, but an indisputable fact — the man with the bass simply commands respect. And when said man happens to be rather god-tier at said bass, to the point where the entire rap game seems to revel in collaborating with him. Evidently, Thundercat fits that description and then some, once again coming through with some quality music on his latest drop “Dragonball Durag Remix,” which features the supporting talents of Guapdad 4000 and Smino. 

Off the bat, Thundercat’s arrangement remains unchanged, his busy bassline weaving a story in its own right. Yet Smino and Guap’s added presence bring no shortage of character, as expected. And luckily, both rappers are given ample room to spit, wasting no time in showcasing their animated flows and comedic timing. “I took a power nap after she threw it back for me,” raps Guap, painting the picture of his romantic goals. “My durag fell off, I was asleep, she put it back for me.” Check it out for yourself now, and be sure to show some love to Thundercat, Guapdad 4000, and Smino.


Luther silk, come through putting balls on your scalp
Don’t need no Head And Shoulders, I got used to get flaking out
To top your head, girl we moisturize from this point on out
I’m your man, can’t you see that I’ve been doing shit