Teejayx6 Scams His Way To The Top On “Black Air Force Activity: The Reload” Featuring NLE Choppa, Sada Baby, & More

A number of rising stars are coming up out of Detroit, making it a territory to watch in the months coming up. Among those personalities are Teejayx6, who arguably has one of the most entertaining charms among the new generation of hip-hop stars.

Making up an important part of the scam-rap phenomenon, the up-and-comer celebrated his birthday today with a brand new full-length release, reloading Black Air Force Activity with a bunch of new songs. 

Known for his bars about frauding and scamming unexpected targets, Teejayx6 continues his wave with the new version of his mixtape, which features twenty songs filled with off-beat rapping and features from NLE Choppa, Sada Baby, and more.

Listen to the brand new project below and let us know what you’re thinking.


1. Gadgets
2. Spotlights
3. Reader & Writer
4. Dark Web
5. Work Out
6. Swipe Lesson 3
7. Computer Junkie
8. Dynamic Duo 2 (feat. Kasher Quon)
9. Reload
10. Black Air Force Activity
11. Allah
12. Daily Reminder
13. Punchin’ (feat. NLE Choppa)
14. Business Owner (feat. Band Gang Lonnie & Sada Baby)
15. Mosh Pit
16. Techno
17. Handful
18. Withdraw (feat. Kasher Quon & 10kkev)
19. In A Min (feat. Drego & Beno)
20. On Tour