Taylor Bennett Is Unapologetically Himself On “Be Yourself Pt. 2”

Taylor Bennett has been carving a nice lane for himself in the world of hip-hop as he continues to blend genres. It’s clear that Bennett is heavily inspired by pop-punk, which is a sound that has crept into his music as of late. This is especially true in his new song “Be Yourself Pt. 2 (Sunset Falls)” which has a mixture of hip-hop and rock elements in both the melodies and instrumental.

Lyrically, this track explores the concept of unapologetically being yourself. Throughout, Bennett speaks on what he’s been able to accomplish over the past few years, and the movements he has helped contribute to, alongside his brother, Chance The Rapper.

You can stream the entire song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lean on me, ain’t no sunshine when we gone
I need two phones ’cause the keep goin’
Hit my dance ’cause I can and I keep goin’
I got them bands you in the stands, yeah just keep goin’
I’m in the club, yeah, uh, what? Free throwin’