Miami-bred rapper Pouya is showing major hometown pride with his upcoming album Smells Like Florida, and he’s jumpstarting the project with an upbeat lead single titled “Who Am I To Blame?”

Pouya Who Am I To Blame new music
Image: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The track touches on a handful of topics in just under two minutes, with Pouya dropping bars over a fire instrumental produced by Rocci & Mikey the Magician. It starts off with him “running around his city” like he’s on a GTA mission and ends with his life on a loop while questioning death simultaneously, and ultimately it all makes for a promising start to what already sounds like a dope LP. Hopefully the forthcoming material on Smells Like Florida sounds even a bit as catchy as the project’s lead track.

Listen to “Who Am I To Blame?” by Pouya below:

Quotable Lyrics:

I feel like my life is in a loop
I made forty thousand off the “SUCK MY DICK” interlude
Rappers, I introduce the game
That money make you switch up, that money make you change
Who am I to blame? I love switchin’ lanes
I love when it rains, take away my pain
Don’t give up my name to hoes that just want fame
Or anything to claim, dig into my brain