NLE Choppa Delivers Some Of His Fastest Flows On “Neighborhood Watch”

Fans have been anxiously awaiting NLE Choppa’s debut album Top Shotta and on Friday, he delivered with a lengthy tracklist that has some dope features as well as some incredible solo tracks. NLE has certainly made a name for himself thanks to his fast and energetic flows, which is something we truly get to see on one of the standouts from his new album, “Neighborhood Watch.”

In this particular track, we hear NLE at his fastest as he spits bars about his upbringing and the trials and tribulations of his life, while also throwing in some braggadocios lyrics to spice things up. Overall, this is some of his finest work and is definitely worth a listen.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bitch, I’m rollin’ an opp and I’m sippin’ on Wock’ (Ayy)
And she givin’ me top while I’m clutchin’ the Glock
AR chop
Didn’t have a good look at him, but a n***a still took that shot
Put one in the head
I smacked him with the pistol, left his forehead with a knot