Something Wicked this way comes.

Saturday night marked the wrap up of filming for the video ” Doctor”. A collaboration between Alabama artist NelFly and experimental filmmaker Doug Ward. If the behind the scenes photos and teaser reel we got our hands on is any indication of what’s coming, this is a will be a banger. Nelfly has been on the Southeast music scene for several years now. Making a name for himself with a unique style that transcends the standard rap genre cliches and has the potential to reach a much wider audience. He cut his teeth working with people like OxyBeatz, Treble Gang, Bolo the producer, SnizzyOnTheBeat, Twysted genius, 223productions, Fly melodies, and many more . His body of work is available on most major platforms and is well worth checking out.

Doug Ward has been creating a growing buzz in multiple film genres for the last several years. His gritty yet surreal work has ranged from serious documentaries about the American civil rights movement to grindhouse-style horror shorts. Almost completely unknown in the U.S. ( He claims by choice), most of Doug’s accolades have come from places like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and the Republic of Turkey.
Both of these artists originally came from central Alabama and they seem to have found a common creative space that should lead to something very interesting. From what we know of Doug’s work we expect a very ethereal world with bizarre twists and turns. Combining that with Nelfly’s ability to lift the listener onto a musical journey and this has the potential to be one of the most interesting video drops this year.

Video drops 10/30/2020

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