Nate Dogg & Dr. Dre Were Creeping On “Your Wife”

Nate Dogg’s position as the King Of Hooks, a crown he wore for the duration of his career, has yet to shift in the slightest. Rap fans still recognize the late legend as untouchable in that regard, and that’s unlikely the change anytime soon. On the day that would have been his fifty-first birthday, it feels appropriate to revisit one of his classic tunes, a banger that found him connecting with his former Death Row label-mate Dr. Dre. Originally released on his 2001 album Music & Me, “Your Wife” found he and the Doctor plotting on making a cuckold out of unsuspecting husbands without the slightest bit of remorse.

Over a methodical Dre banger, Nate Dogg’s dulcet tones hide the underlying reality that he is indeed up to no good. Where these men might see a loving wife, Nate Dogg sees a mere trick — and one willing to give up the hard-earned chips at that. “All night long, I had her on her back in my Cadillac Brougham,” he sings, all but shrugging off the consequences. “You should have heard her moan, same old song.” Dr. Dre slides through to add insult to injury, asserting his dominance with a sneering lack of remorse. “Wife missing 5 AM, who’s to blame,” he taunts. “I’m the reason used magnum is in your range.”

Morally dubious though the subject matter may be, it’s hard not to appreciate a banger laced by two of the west coast’s titans. Rest in peace to the King Of Hooks, and happy birthday! 


Wife missing 5 AM, who’s to blame
I’m the reason used magnum is in your range
And while she bounced out with me before you came
Fuckin lame, you handcuff sluts I banged