Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Nicole Is Ready To Clear Her Name

In what has probably been the most Kelsey Nicole has said about the July shooting incident, Megan Thee Stallion’s [ex] best friend shared a few thoughts on Instagram Live today (October 30). Kelsey was at the scene when Megan was injured in the Hollywood Hills, and while the rapper has come forward to name Tory Lanez as her assailant, Kelsey has remained relatively quiet about her version of events. Tory has vehemently denied hurting Megan and said he still thinks of her as a friend, and because he has stated he isn’t responsible for the shooting, people have pointed their fingers Kelsey’s way. 

Kelsey Nicole has also said that she is innocent, so the mystery surrounding what happened that fateful evening remains unclear. Tory Lanez has been hit with charges in connection with the event and as fans await his fate, Kelsey shared that she’ll be giving her side of the story soon. “Obviously I don’t have a team behind me, it’s just me. It’s just Kelsey Nicole,” she said in the video. “They got teams, they got Roc Nation. I don’t know who Tory got, but he got a team. Clearly, these are two celebrities so if I speak out different sh*t—of course, they’re going to spin the stories.”

“And this is really just the beginning. It’s still court dates going on,” Kelsey continued. “So this is really something that… I don’t feel like I have to come on here and just tell y’all right away. I don’t owe nobody nothing. But what I will do, I will be clearing my name. I will be, you know, killing some of them rumors. Most of them damn rumors.”

She wouldn’t give up exact information, but Kelsey revealed that she’s “contemplating” giving an interview that “will cover some of the misconceptions or most of the misconceptions.” Check out a clip of Kelsey’s Instagram Live below.