Masika Kalysha Goes In On Tory Lanez On “Masether” Diss Track

She’s not one to hold her tongue, and it sounds as if Masika Kalysha is lashing out in the studio. The multihyphenate entertainer and businesswoman has been steadily working on her rap career for years and on Friday (November 13), Masika unleashed “Masether,” a single where she spits a barrage of bars at Tory Lanez, a response to him mentioning her in his track “Sorry I Had To.” Lanez included a number of entertainers who spoke out against him while also praising Kylie Jenner.

Tory rapped:

Ayy, Masika, this your chance, you in every Twitter debate
And every Shade Room comment like common sense ain’t common sense
Like we be needin’ your two cents and all your vents
Fakin’ a kidnappin’ for your OnlyFans
And tryna front like missin’ kids was your intent
If that’s the type of sh*t you teachin’ Khari, then you should sit in a pen’
And watch people disagree in the end
You try to make it facts, but it’s a L-I-E in the end

On “Masether,” Masika stated that she decided to bite back at the Canadian artist because he mentioned her daughter, Khari, in his lyrics. There are all sorts of allegations strewn throughout the track, so you’ll just have to press play to get your fill. The Shade Room reposted Masika’s artwork and music, so Tory jumped in the comments to make fun of her. “Not the thunder in the artwork hitting with the drop off,” he wrote with laughing emojis. Stream “Masether” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

How you go from being a woman beater to a shooter?
With a ruler, I got some n*ggas that’ll do ya
And run through ya, petunia
You sweet little b*tch
You used to eat my p*ssy
Now you can suck my d*ck