Lil Tjay Alleges 6ix9ine’s Camp Tried To Pay Him Too Following Lil Durk’s Comments

It doesn’t necessarily take a rocket scientist to figure out that some things just aren’t adding up in the world of Tekashi 6ix9ine. In the past few months since his release from jail, the rapper made a concerted effort to troll everyone possible, especially the rappers who dragged him after testifying in court.

Durk’s feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine goes back to 2018, though it has been since reignited following the release of “Laugh Now Cry Later.” At the wee hours of the morning, Lil Durk went on Instagram Live where he explained exactly why he planned to release his album on the day same as 6ix9ine. Mind you, 6ix9ine was shortly removed from his recent stint in Chicago where he mocked Durk’s cousin, Nuski, who passed away. Durk revealed that 6ix9ine’s camp allegedly offered him $3M to keep the trolling.

“That b*tch ass n***a label call me. Somebody from his camp. I ain’t gonna say his label. Somebody from his camp called somebody from my camp talkin’ ’bout they’ll give me $3M to keep trolling with this n***a,” Durk said.

The post shared on Akademiks’ page was then shared to Lil Tjay’s story. “They did the same shit with me. Fuck his money,” Tjay wrote. 

If the allegations are true, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s team are apparently willing to dole out a lot of cash to keep his name in the headlines. However, it’s clear that whether or not Durk or Tjay accepted that money, it was going to happen, either way.