Lil Duke Comes Through With New Single “So Different”

Lil Duke has been representing for the YSL cause for a minute now, having held it down for two standout occasions on Young Thug’s So Much Fun. Now, the rapper has come through with a brand new single “So Different,” an uptempo piano-driven banger that puts his lyrics and flow on display. For those who appreciate what the label has been putting down, it’s likely that Duke’s latest will check off all the right boxes. Flexes arrive unapologetically, as Duke declares to have “more hoes than Hugh Hefner” in his opening bars.

“Ain’t nothin sweet but my diamonds are glazed,” he spits. “She fine and pretty with ugly ways, all of my n***as get rich we the wave.” As the track progresses, his restrained cadence explodes into a more emotional one, ending the track on a powerful note. “I done been everywhere bitch I been on, screaming my name and they singing my songs,” he marvels. “I just been chilling, I been in my zone.” Check out the latest from Lil Duke now, and sound off — do you think he’s next up?


Everyday I just be grindin’, gettin’ paid 
Blessed ’cause I don’t make no minimum wage 
Race through the snow, like, I gotta get paid 
Bad bitch like every day, gotta get laid