Kevo Muney & Kevin Gates Take It To Church On “Amen”

Last summer, we included rising rapper Kevo Muney on our Discovery Channel playlist highlighting budding stars who’ve yet to really break out. “Don’t Know Me” feat. Action Pack AP made its rounds online but over a year later and he’s evidently making even bigger moves. The rapper returned this week with a brand new single titled, “Amen” ft. Kevin Gates who’s been on a heavy feature run in the past two weeks. Massive church organs meet muddy 808s as Kevo Muney brings the trap to church with Dubba-AA holding down the production. The two rappers delve on their faith while reflecting on the trials and tribulations and the blessings that came out of it.

Press play on Kevo Muney’s new single, “Amen” ft. Kevin Gates below.

Quotable Lyrics
Started dirty, put it legit
I seen it turn from sugar to shit
I seen it turn from shit to sugar
I’m in here workin’ that bitch with a wrench
I drop some ice, I gave it a twist
It go in the sink, I give it a rinse
Tryna work my way to a brick
I’m servin’ them knicks while workin’ a zip