Jaden Reveals “Summery” Project “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3” Ft. Justin Bieber & Raury

With only a few more weeks of summer to be enjoyed, Jaden has shared his self-proclaimed “summery” project, CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3. We received the first installment of Jaden’s Cool Tape series way back in 2012, so fans are excited to welcome another edition. This project follows Jaden’s 2019 release, Erys, and conveys an ethereal, folksy, alternative vibe that is light and ambient.

Jaden recently spoke with Apple Music about CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 and shared a bit about his inspiration behind the project. “It’s kind of bringing all my fans who have been with me from the beginning, since before ‘Icon,’ before SYRE, and kind of updating them onto everything that’s been happening,” he said. “But with that being said, this is also a prequel before SYRE, you know? So it’s kind of taking place when I’m like 15, going all the way up until 17, and how did SYRE get trapped in the sunset? How did all that happen? Why did it happen? Where’s your friends? Where’s everybody else? Tell us the story before you get trapped in this Inception purgatory.” Travel through Jaden’s teenage dream by streaming CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3, an album that features Justin Bieber and Raury.


1. Circa 2015
2. Falling For You with Justin Bieber
3. Rainbow Bap
4. LUCY!
5. Everything
6. In The Hills
7. Bad Connection
8. Muted Sunrise
9. Young In Love
10. Cabin Fever
11. Photograph
12. Drops Of Sun
13. Sunburst
14. Deep End
15. Endless Summer ft. Raury
16. The Birth of SYRE
17. Boys And Girls