J.I. is one of New York’s fastest rising stars, appealing to the masses with his unique brand of storytelling and ability to connect to a Spanish-speaking audience

As he continues to become a household name, we hosted him on our popular Snack Review series, getting the New Yorker to try some treats from the bodega and rate them on camera. 

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Stationed from inside the studio, J.I. made sure to fill himself up with some of his favorites from the bodega before rehearsal, buying a variety of goodies and giving his honest review of them.

He explains that when he’s snacking, he generally likes to walk around, admitting that it was a challenge to sit still for the shoot. He succeeded though, providing his two cents on Pretzel M&Ms, which he needs to pick up every time he heads to the store, Reese’s Take 5, which he wants to put you onto, and Reese’s Dipped Pretzels, which he definitely would not recommend.

“I ain’t gone lie, these taste like butt,” he complained. “Straight mierda.”

He washed down the taste with some Snapple before trying another snack for the first time: a collaboration between Chips Ahoy and Sour Patch Kids. Whoever came up with that concoction was probably high as hell when they pitched it but, according to J.I., it actually works. He admitted that the packaging and the actual product looked “nasty” but, once he started chewing, he realized the appeal.

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