J. Cole moves mysteriously. He doesn’t give away his hand, keeping a poker face on until it’s time to make a move. Because of his recent step on Twitter, some of his fans think that his turn is coming.

Generally, when Cole is about to release an album, he’ll scrub his social media accounts to make room for the album’s promotion. For the last year, we’ve been hearing about The Fall Off as though it were coming soon. The project was seemingly delayed because of the pandemic but, with Cole deleting all of his tweets made after 2009, some people think that the time is finally coming.

Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

“HOLYYYY SH*T J. COLE JUST CLEARED OUT HIS TWITTER,” wrote one fan on Twitter, noticing that the rapper had deleted absolutely all of his original posts and retweets, keeping the eleven-year-old material intact. “THAT ALBUM RELEASE IS DEFINITELY COMING,” they added.

While this doesn’t mean that an album is on the way, there have been rumors that Cole was planning to drop soon. 

According to fans, this change was made a few weeks ago. Also, under the tweets & replies tab, his newer posts still appear. Could it be that this was just a glitch of some sort?

Back in July, the Dreamville general released two new singles, “The Climb Back” and “Lion King On Ice”, before seemingly disappearing again. Could we finally be witnessing his album rollout? Let’s all cross our fingers!