The Sanborn Interview

Down in the DMs with Gage GoHam

 The Brandon Sanborn interview 

 Today GoHam jumps in the inbox with Brandon Sanborn. Sanborn is a videographer/director and prominent figure in the central Alabama music scene. Sanborn has worked on many projects with some going on the be admired and appreciated globally. Today in this brief interview we hope to learn more about the man behind these incredible videos. Enjoy.

 Gage: It’s great to have you here today Brandon. I’ve been exploring the Alabama music scene for a while now and your name always seems to come up in discussions about who is doing the most for the local scene here in central Alabama. Exactly how long have you been doing videos?

 Brandon: I’ve been shooting videos since 2016. I really didn’t get good with cameras until 2018 because i focused a lot on learning how to edit in the beginning.

 Gage: That’s interesting. Was it a love for filmmaking that made you want to get into this craft? Or was it a love for music that attracted you to it?

 Brandon: It was definitely a combination of the two. I wasn’t necessarily fascinated with filmmaking, but with the special effects, I would see. I was interested in graphic design, editing pointless videos with my sister when were younger on old software I don’t even know the names of. and I most definitely always wanted to be involved with the music industry some type of way, I tried producing, I tried to learn to engineer, tried to learn how to play guitar and piano (failed miserably) and I even tried to host events/shows, but none of that worked. Directing/editing music videos is pretty much my way of being able to put my interests to use while also putting myself around the industry that has always fascinated me so much.

 Gage: Sounds like you found the right path. I’ve seen a few of your videos and they are incredible. I can’t help but get Cole Bennett’s vibes while looking at your work. Would you say that you were influenced by Cole and his Lyrical Lemonade brand? Or do you draw most of your inspiration from someone else?

 Brandon: Yes I definitely look up to Cole Bennett. He’s a huge inspiration. I also look up to different directors/editors like Colin Tilley, Director X, and Matt Alonzo.

 Gage: That’s awesome. While we are on the topic of videographers I have to bring up Karltin Bankz. I know you worked on a project with Karltin and Clever. How did that opportunity find its way to you?

 Brandon: A couple of people we know mutually put us in contact after I made a post on facebook saying I wanted to work with him. We worked on a few projects together (He shot and edited, I added the SFX). One day he just called me and told me he had this dope artist he was shooting for (clever) and believed he had the potential to get big. he wanted the videos to be crazy so we did just that. I have to give a shoutout to creature the zombie (an editor) who also worked on the projects with us

 Gage: Your work on Clevers video (when only you will do) was incredible. As we all know The video caught the attention of Juice WRLD and really launched Clevers’ career. The man has projects with Justin Bieber, Post Malone, NLE Choppa, and many more. How does it feel to have been a part of the rise of someone who is now making their way to the top of the industry?

 Brandon: It’s pretty crazy. Those few projects I edited for him are what made me take my career more seriously. It opened a lot of doors for me and gave me plenty of new avenues for networking. Hope to work with him again in the future.

 Gage: That would be great to see you two work together again. Speaking of the future, are there any major projects in the works for you at the moment?

 Brandon: Tons. I can’t really speak on anything right now, but just stay tuned.

 Gage: I definitely will and I can’t wait to see where this takes you. If you had to guess who the next artist to blow up out of Alabama would be, who would you put your money on?

 Brandon: I have plenty of artists I work with who are about to go crazy, but my money is on Lausane. He’s got Montgomery in a headlock right now. 2LiterLuke is making some major moves right now too I’m just not allowed to speak on them yet. He’ll be everywhere though, soon.

 Gage: Interesting. Who has been your favorite artist to work with so far?

 Brandon: 2LiterLuke and Taliban, they’re both naturals when it comes to being in front of a camera. It’s never difficult to work with them and they care about their craft just as much as I do.

 Gage: It seems that Alabama has a big wave coming. Do you think 2021 could be the year we see a large number of Bama artists topping the charts?

 Brandon: Most definitely. Mobile and Birmingham are going crazy right now too. Once the main artists from Montgomery, Mobile, and Birmingham come together I think Alabama could become a powerhouse like it was going to be before Doe B was killed.

 Gage: I also think if they were to team up we would see a lot more progress here in our home state. Taking a step back from the local scene if you could pick any artist from any state to work with, who would be your dream collab?

 Brandon: I wouldn’t necessarily choose an artist, I would choose a director. Definitely Cole Bennett, I know something crazy would come from it.

 Gage: I personally would love to see you and Cole cook something up. Let’s hope that’s something we see in the near future. Before we wrap up this interview is there anyone you want to shoutout or any announcements you would like to make?

 Brandon: I gotta give a shoutout to Diego the great, he’s an engineer/director and the person I work with every day. None of this would be possible without him. And really just anybody who shows love and support for what I’m doing.

 Gage: That’s awesome and Such a humble way to end things. Would you mind telling our audience where they can follow you?

 Brandon: Follow me on instagram @sanborn.films and also subscribe to my youtube,