EarthGang’s WowGr8 Isn’t Playing Around With New “Bang Freestyle”

EarthGang’s wowgr8 (formerly known as Doctur Dot) inconspicuously dropped two solo tracks, following up on his promise to start a SoundCloud page on October 1. 

The quiet release definitely went largely unnoticed, with less than 1500 combined plays for the two songs as of press time. 

The more interesting of the two, however, is “Bang Freestyle.” The song is billed as a tribute to the late John Witherspoon and uses a screencap from his iconic “you win some, you lose some” speech from the movie Friday as its album cover.

wowgr8 comes out swinging, oozing charisma over a bombastic funk-inspired beat: “my n**** if i’ma die, i’ma go out with a bang.”

Only five bars deep and less than thirty seconds into the song, the EarthGang rapper cuts out the beat to emphasize his next bar: “Cole tried to do me like Hov did to Ye.” 

Just as quickly as he drops that bar, though, he moves on, leaving fans wondering what he really meant with that line. The rapper has promised to continue posting unreleased Spillage Village tracks and other loosies on his SoundCloud, so we’ll just have to wait and see if he goes deeper in a future release.

Still, “Bang Freestyle” is everything you’ve come to know and love from EarthGang and a formidable solo effort with plenty of bars and style to match.

You can listen to “Bang Freestyle” below and the other solo release – “Love to See It” – on wowgr8’s SoundCloud page.

What are your thoughts on the EarthGang rapper’s latest effort?

Quotable Lyrics

Please don’t judge if you f*ck for no pay
Please don’t judge if you think that’s okay
Slob on my knob ASAP, Juicy J
wowgr8, Kirk Knight hit me when you in the A