Dua Lipa Enlists DaBaby For The Remix To “Levitating”

Closer to the start of the pandemic, Dua Lipa came through with a brand new album called Future Nostalgia. The album was an immediate hit amongst fans as it contained numerous anthems that would have been perfect for the summer festival season. Of course, we won’t be getting that season anymore, however, to make up for it, the pop singer came through with a remix of her song “Levitating,” which features the likes of DaBaby.

The track has an undeniable groove to it and DaBaby fits perfectly. While one might assume the mixture of styles wouldn’t work, DaBaby is able to take his flow and provide a nice addition to this Dua Lipa track. For those looking for their fix of pop music, this is definitely a great track to go with.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m one of the greatest, ain’t no debatin’ on it (Let’s go)
I’m still levitating, I’m heavily medicated
Ironic I gave ’em love and they end up hatin’ on me (Go)
She told me love me and she been waitin’