There’s nothing like seeing the vets at work. Though rap has often been regarded as a young man’s game, it’s clear that there’s still a demographic for more mature, grown man raps, as some might call it. But ultimately, beyond the lyrical content, it really boils down to the art of rapping. Nas’ King’s Disease proved that his pen is still sharp as ever, even as he approaches his 50s.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Cam’ron set the block ablaze after he dropped a quick freestyle in front of a few close friends. With no beat to back him, Cam brought it back to the essence of rap and ran through a few bars a capella while warranting stank faces across the board. “If I don’t go personally, I send my cars to the cookout/ Ms. Barbara 80 years old, on the stoop, still my look out,” he raps. 

Of course, Cam had to prove that he did, in fact, send his cars to the cookout when he wasn’t able to attend personally. Just a few days after posting the freestyle, he posted a flick of his pink car at a cookout that he didn’t actually attend. Check out Cam’ron freestyle below along with the photographic evidence of his vehicle at the cookout.