Cam Wallace Stays Flexing With New Single “Retail”

Cam Wallace may have writing and production credits for Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Omarion, but it looks like he’s tired of staying behind the scenes.

The producer, rapper, and songwriter has been staking his claim as a solo artist this year, starting with June’s “Right Quick” and July’s “The Rulez.” 

Although the multitalented artist has previously landed guest appearances alongside Slim Thug and Ty Dolla $ign, his solo work sees him stepping out of a supporting role with charisma. 

He chooses a lowkey R&B sample-laden beat to employ his calm and reserved flow, clearly having honed the subtlety of ad-libs and melody during his hours in the studio.

Stream “Retail” below. Are you looking forward to more from Cam Wallace?

Quotable Lyrics

All this ice on my teeth like a Frosty
I been grinding, no sleep what it cost me
Running through these bands, get exhausted
Got the new coupe in the driveway charging
Shining lights on my wrist look like a night when it’s starry
Mashing on the gas, doing donuts in a Rari