Caleborate Comes Through With “The Madness” Ft. Tone Sinatra

It’s been over a year since Caleborate released his last studio project, Hear Me Out but he hasn’t left fans without new music since then. He’s scattered new releases throughout the year, before and after the pandemic began. But as we’re not in the fall season, and slowly approaching the winter, he’s back with an energetic banger titled, “The Madness.”

The title alone is an indication of where Caleborate took the song. With high-energy flows and an appearance from buzzing 18-year-old Tone Sinatra, Calebroate showcases his upbeat flow over the dreamy production cooked up by Mikos Da Gawd.

“At the time I made the record, my life was moving really fast — I was traveling around a lot, overseas, state to state, to work and make money.  I wanted to make a song that matched the pace and speed of my life, and came up with “The Madness,” Caleborate said of the record.

Quotable Lyrics
I kept it real dawg, that’s it
Tryna put a mill in a mattress
Instead of doing more damage
I rather throw it at a bad bitch