Bodega Bamz Pays Homage To His Mentor On “Yams Heard This”

A$AP Yams’ short career in the rap game left an everlasting impact. A curator, executive, and visionary, A$AP Yams had a major hand in forming a new underground in a pre-Soundcloud era. Bodega Bamz was, of course, one of the artists Yams took under his wing and he pays homage to his mentor on his new project, Yams Heard This. Equipped with 10 tracks and features from Kevin Gates and Tanboy Luka, Bodega Bamz knows that this project would’ve received the stamp of approval from A$AP Yams if he were still with us.

“Originally, I had the idea to drop a project called WWYD (What Would Yams Do).  There was a time when I was lost.  My homie Yams, who I would run all of my music by, was my sounding board, who always knew what was hot and who knew when I had a track ready for the streets, was no longer there” Bamz said in a statement.  “So the reason why I named this album Yams Heard This, is because if he was still alive today, I know he would have loved the vibe and energy of this album and would have given me his stamp of approval.  These are the type of songs he would have wanted to executive produce.”