In a short amount of time, Bobby Shmurda had a major impact on the game. Over the years, fans have been waiting for his arrival and it seems like it could be coming sooner rather than later. According to TMZ, Bobby Shmurda could be released on parole in the coming weeks. The rapper is preparing to face a parole board next month and plans to tell them that he’ll be staying out of trouble, returning back to the grind, and hopefully, help kids avoid straying down the same path that got him locked him.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Leslie Pollard, Bobby’s attorney, said that he has a full-blown plan ahead of him that includes the release of a new album. Bobby has been writing a lot behind bars, Pollard said. With Epic Records still behind him, he’s plotting on his first post-prison release.

As we’ve seen in the past year, Bobby Shmurda has influenced an array of new artists, though he hopes that his story can be used as a cautionary tale for the youth. Pollard revealed that Bobby does want to release a documentary that he hopes can be used to inspire kids not to go down the same route he did. The rapper is also planning on visiting at-risk youth and telling his story to them face-to-face.

Pollard revealed that Bobby is hopeful that he’ll be released on parole in August.