Benny The Butcher Taps Lil Wayne & Big Sean For Fire Single “Timeless”

When Benny The Butcher enters the arena, it’s already expected that whatever he has in store is going to grab attention, but adding Lil Wayne and Big Sean to the mix has Hip Hop fans playing the Buffalo rapper’s latest single on repeat. On Friday (October 9), Benny returned to the scene with another single, “Timeless” produced by Hit-Boy with features from Sean Don and Weezy. On Instagram, Benny The Butcher shared that the track will be included on his next album, Burden of Proof.

“I haven’t dropped a solo project since June 21st 2019 and I feel like my sh*t been the Most Anticipated Album of the year,” the rapper wrote. “I kno the streets need this one so FRIDAY I’m droppin my first single off BURDEN OF PROOF ‘TIMELESS’ and I kno some of y’all heard the leak Thts cool cause then u kno the 3rd verse was open and y’all ain’t here tht  me and @hitboy not playin.” Stream “Timeless” and let us know what rhymes were standouts.

Quotable Lyrics

I got pistols I just cleaned, I been tryna get dirty with you
I got n*ggas on my team that ain’t tryna swap jerseys with you
I pop it, that thirty hit you, them shots from the thirty whistle
Watchin’ movies with a b*tch that wouldn’t watch a commercial with you