bbno$ Links With Lentra For Album, ‘good luck have fun’

Fresh off the successful release of Baby Gravy 2, his collaborative album with Yung Gravy from earlier this year, bbno$ wasted little time in bringing listeners yet another distinct body of work to embrace.

This time, he’s recruited the talents of the up-and-coming rapper, Lentra, a dexterous producer with a similar wit in his music taste. The pair’s collaboration resulted in a 13-track, 31-minute album, with features from Gooch, Yung Gravy, Crosby, and TrippyThaKid.

Numerous tracks feature production twitching with whip-smart pop infusions, from the simplistic and enthused percussion of “mememe”, to the frenetic bounce of strings in “admit it”.

The “Bad Boy” rapper brings his signature flow to a dense venture that demands nothing less than the utmost tenacity. Still, Lentra manages to make his presence known, despite being accompanied by a litany of noted MCs.

Given his background in the type of Dance/Electronic music one might expect to hear with their head in the clouds, he proves to be a subversive, yet complementary addition to bbno$ talents, with his complexity donating a texture to the album that distinguishes it from the countless other joint efforts we’ve seen this year.

Even then, it appears his influence was most prominent with the good luck have fun’s final track, “feeling good”. The track showcases a stark divergence from its predecessors, with a foot-tapping rock sensibility and grandiose excitement that hearkens back to The Ramone’s “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

The album’s end cements its tone as a piece bound to feel familiar, yet inventive with its often subtle twists on modern rap standards.