Akon Spills His Heart On “Letter To My Son”

Akon understands the hardships of a father’s work. He lays it all down on the table for the song “Letter To My Son” on his new project Ain’t No PeaceProduced by Will IDAP, “Letter To My Son” is emotional and deep. The instrumental relies on a sweet guitar riff that sounds a little like the popular song “Waves” by Mr. Probz. Over the echoing guitars, Akon sings his heart out. 

Akon reveals all of the things he has done to provide for his son, including selling drugs and making hard decisions. The veteran singer understands the dynamics of how to make a great song. He reserves his most powerful vocals from moments when the beat swells and returns to a low key croon when the emotion calms a bit. This is an amazing song. 

Quotable Lyrics
I had to do bad, so you can do better
I was locked in the pen when I wrote you this letter
But you was way too young, don’t understand no evil and no better
It’s time that I tell you who I am, so I can protect you