50 Cent Theorizes How Trump Is Using Kanye West To Win Election

Kanye West’s efforts to run for president have been strange. Without warning, he announced that he’d be running for president in the upcoming election as an independent candidate. Several states have revealed that he doesn’t qualify for their ballots while in other states, the rapper failed to submit the required signatures. However, his political motivations have been questioned recently, especially after it was revealed that Republicans, with ties to Trump, have been vying for a way to get Yeezy on the ballot.

In a recent interview with Variety, 50 Cent theorized the possibility that Kanye West is actually just a pawn in Trump’s efforts to get re-elected this November. Though Trump has distanced himself from any conversation regarding Kanye’s political efforts, there have been Republicans who’ve alleged Trump’s team is the “real force driving Kanye West.” Fif appears to think this very possible. 

“You see Kanye and the things that he’s doing, I wonder if Trump is not re-elected, does he go to jail for tampering with an election?” Fif said. “One of the weaker points for Trump would be the Black vote. So to have Kanye come in, somebody is going to vote for him and it’s probably someone who isn’t going to vote for Trump… It just creates noise. There’s a legitimate attempt at winning the election just by being in it, and I don’t know to whose benefit it is. I know it means nothing when Trump wins again.”

Check the full interview below.