It’s not a secret to anybody that Youngboy Never Broke Again has a complicated love life. The superstar rapper has been entangled in so many dramatic happenings due to his promiscuous nature. This year, one of the main stories involving him had to do with his baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs, allegedly being stabbed by his girlfriend Yaya Mayweather

While Yaya is surely aware that YB likes to spend his time with plenty of other women, she may have had enough because, shortly after the rapper posted a video of himself in bed with a woman’s toes in his face, she deleted her social media presence.

If you search up her old page on Instagram, you’ll notice that Yaya is no longer on the social network. It’s unclear if she plans to return or if this is even the reason why she decided to leave.

This comes following her arrest for assault. She is currently facing ninety-nine years in prison for allegedly stabbing Lapattra. Maybe this is her new way of dealing with her crazy relationship instead of pulling knives on Youngboy’s other women.

Yaya Mayweather NBA Youngboy
Unique Nicole/Getty Images

At this point, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before she calls it off with the rapper.