Wiz Khalifa & Rubi Rose Get To The Point On “POV”

Wiz Khalifa blessed fans on Friday as he dropped the Deluxe version of his recent The Safa Of Wiz Khalifa project. The Deluxe album has eight new songs, including a short track with Rubi Rose called “POV.” The IG model has turned to music over the last year and this track with Wiz Khalifa is perhaps her biggest look yet.

The lyrics to the track are pretty sexual as Rubi Rose and Wiz Khalifa go back and forth with some provocative subject matter. With a title like “POV,” one can assume you would be able to draw your own conclusions about what is being implied here.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Turn the camera on, I wanna see you do it solo
Throw some D’s on it, make it bounce like a Lolo
Did it for you once, said you won’t do it no more
Fuck a rich n****, might get a little promo