WhoHeem Taps Tyga & Lil Mosey For Remix To Viral Hit “Let’s Link”

If you’ve ever found yourself on “Messy TikTok,” then you’re more than familiar with WhoHeem’s hit “Let’s Link.” The viral sensation has become a social media favorite for people who publicly admit to cheating with their friend’s partners. Not everyone on the app wants to air their dirty laundry using the track, and to date, there are nearly 2 million impressions on TikTok using WhoHeem’s hit. Now that the track has amassed over 75 million streams, it’s time that the rapper does some new “linking” of his own, this time with Tyga and Lil Mosey for the remix to his single.

Mosey launches the remix with a mellow delivery to his verse while WhoHeem comes in second to liven things up. Being the veteran and TikTok obsessed artist that he is, it’s only fitting that Tyga closes out the track. We’re sure that TikTok users will get some enjoyment out of the updated version, so check out “Let’s Link (Remix)” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

Turned off her pipe and then she bossed up
On any b*tch head who got an issue
Mace a b*tch up, tear your drawers, she might spit too
Messy, take your n*gga if she want to