Wale & Gunna Connect For New Single “Flawed”

Wale has been steadily teasing new music for a minute now, and while some have wondered whether the lyricist was in the midst of a pot-committed bluff, it would appear he’s officially ready to move his chips onto the table. Enter his brand new single “Flawed,” an emotionally captivating break-up ballad that finds him uniting with the ever-feature-ready Gunna for the first time. As one might have expected, there’s a low-key feel to the instrumental, which blends elements of bass guitar and pitched-up vocals in one lush package.

“Gassed off the likes, advice is not important,” he raps, lamenting on the fallout of a relationship gone awry. “I still pray for your life, despite I’m not a part of it.” Thematically, Wale seems to be channeling some vintage LL Cool J, aiming to reposition himself as a viable Mr. Right despite a few hiccups in the early stages. “Had a premonition you probably would switch up on me,” he raps. “The fire conversations I miss them so now I’m salty.”

Gunna tags in to plead his own case, his cadence the perfect complement to the warm production from Mike Hector. And while Wale attempted to speak to the heart, Gunna shifts his focus to the libido, doing his best to spark nostalgia for those intimate nights in. Though it’s likely this track won’t be appreciated by all demographics, it’s still an interesting look for Wale and Gunna, two of the most melodically-savvy rappers in the game. Where do you stand on “Flawed?”


I ain’t bout this industry but this shit be important
And I ain’t in your comments your IG look so exhausting
Had a premonition you probably would switch up on me
The fire conversations I miss them so now I’m salty