UK’s Ambush Buzzworl Taps Giggs & More For “Ask My Brother”

If you’ve been paying any sort of attention to the UK music scene, you’d know that Ambush Buzzworl has been steadily applying pressure for a hot minute. The rapper’s left some memorable verses on collaborations and massive heat with the numerous singles he’s released in recent times. That being said, fans have been eagerly awaiting for a new body of work from the rapper. This week, he returned with his latest project, Ask My Brother. Laced with fifteen tracks in total, Ambush Buzzworl combines the regional sounds of UK Drill, road rap, and grime for his new project. With collaborations from Giggs, who appears twice on the tracklist, Presi Pros, C Biz, H Moneda, and more, Ambush’s latest project is filled with bangers from top to bottom.