Christopher Vassilakis – Turquoise / Naden Remix

Christopher Vassilakis - Turquoise

In Saturate Audio‘s unending quest to dominate the progressive trance charts, they’ve expanded their roster and added two up and coming artists with their own very distinctive sound. The first is Basil O’Glue‘s frequent collaborator Christopher Vassilakis, known for his deliciously deep and moody trademark style. The second is rising star Naden, a young up and comer that’s already had releases on esteemed labels such as Soundpiercing and Echelon.

It’s a rare treat when Christopher Vassilakis releases something new. His releases are infrequent yet always of the highest quality, and his latest release Turquoise is no different. Vassilakis delivers his uniquely dark, hypnotic original with subtlety and polish. Throbbing basslines mixed with melancholic leads make for a suitably deep affair that would fit perfectly into the start of a set.

Naden’s take on Turquoise is a little more upbeat. It really embraces the lush, full spectrum type of progressive trance that has become so popular in recent years, without beating you over the head with the lazy supersaw chords that have become a crutch for so many trance producers. It features the characteristic Naden twist that we’ve come to expect from the young producer, and is being supported by the likes of Markus Schulz, Gai Barone and many others.

Apart from a recent string of well received releases on Soundpiercing and Breakfast‘s label, Naden gained a lot of traction in recent months due to his studio session videos on YouTube, in which he recorded himself producing a track from start to finish. The finished result is Lucid Rift, which he has kindly given away for free (among many other tracks).

You can grab the full release of Turquoise over at Beatport.