Soulja Boy Puts His Crown On For “King Soulja 9”

Love him or hate him, many have come to accept Soulja Boy as a respectable and reluctantly beloved figure in the greater hip-hop hierarchy. Between granting bizarre, yet enduring sayings like “Yahhh” and “You!”, not to mention an onslaught of memes stemming from his notorious comeback a few years back, Soulja Boy has developed an undeniable sort of longevity — even if it is for the wrong reasons. Still, we shouldn’t forget that the music remains his bread and butter, and last night, Big Soulja came through and dropped off his brand new album King Soulja 9.

Clocking in at a decent eleven tracks, the tape finds Soulja trying his hand at a variety of different styles, many of which tend to feel like the melodic trends of today. Glitchy beats provide the backdrop for half-sung musings on trap life and celebratory hedonism. His more violent urges get the spotlight on songs like “Shoot It Up,” oddly making for the strongest material here. Though the bar isn’t exactly high, given how low effort some of the songs seem to feel. Still, it’s nice to see Soulja Boy keeping busy — are you still checking for his new music?