Soulja Boy Mean Mugs On “Shoot It Up”

Not only does today mark Soulja Boy Tell’em’s 30th birthday, but the occasion also brings forth a new album from the zany and determined rapper. And while there are a fair number of listless moments on the eleven-track King Soulja 9 tape, there do remain some shining moments to be found. Namely in “Shoot It Up,” a quick and straightforward gangsta-rap ditty that finds Soulja floating over some atmospheric and vaguely menacing production. Hardly groundbreaking, but proof that Draco’s instincts are solid when paired with the right backdrop. 

“Riding round town in a Phantom, fucking your bitch she got canceled,” spits Soulja, his cadence barely intelligible at times. “N***as be sweating they trappin’ and cappin’ but n***as ain’t really getting nothin.” While it’s unlikely this one will bring any new Soulja fans into the equation, it should be a nice treat for those still around for the ride — and what a wild one it has been. Are you still enjoying Soulja Boy’s music? Or are you strictly here for the antics?


Riding round town in a Phantom
Fucking your bitch she got canceled