Seattle Protester Dies After Car Plows Into Crowd

There were scary scenes in Seattle just a couple of nights ago as a car went full speed into a group of protesters, ultimately injuring two people. The women that were hurt were Summer Taylor and Diaz Love, who were both immediately sent to the hospital. Diaz Love is currently in the ICU with serious injuries and is expected to recover. Unfortunately, the 24-year-old Summer Taylor has reportedly passed away, according to TMZ. Yesterday, we reported on the attack and noted that Taylor was in critical condition, with life-threatening injuries.

In the clip below, you can see the driver aiming his car at the crowd and stepping on the gas. It came across as a very deliberate attack, with the driver being arrested and charged with vehicular assault. According to TMZ, the man’s name is Dawit Kelet, and he could be subjected to even more charges now that Taylor has died.

Tensions have been high throughout the country over the last month, ever since the death of George Floyd made national headlines. Protests continue to go on throughout the United States with some Americans opposed to the demonstrations.

Our condolences go out to the Taylor family during this tough time.