Russ Builds “One More Chance” With Fan Interaction On IG Live

Russ was up late night this weekend, and invited fans to join him in an interactive session. The rapper signed onto IG Live and opted to build a song for his fans based on their reactions to different edits. “If y’all are still up I need 5K retweets and I’ll record this shit rn on live and drop it on SoundCloud for y’all,” he tweeted. After getting it just right with his fans, Russ dubbed the song “One More Time” and put “Feat. Fans” on the title name. He then released the song on Youtube and Soundcloud.

The song is a mellow jam, with Russ venting about getting a lover back. “One More Time” has a distinct Summer vibe to it, making it even more attractive during these humid months. Check out the record below and let us know what you think about this creative method of making music.

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, I said, “I’m sorry” like a hundred times
Loyal, but I hope I cross your mind
Girl, you know you always pop in mine? (Yeah)
If I was you I would of left me, too
We just started out, it end so soon
Forget how bad I really wanted you (Ooh, yeah)