POORSTACY Is Joined By Travis Barker On Genre-Hybrid Track “Choose Life”

Rising emo-rap star POORSTACY delivered his first single since dropping his debut album, The Breakfast Club, back in March. The title a possible reference to the famous monologue from the 1996 film, Trainspotting, in which the main character, Mark Renton, begs the viewer to “choose life” instead of the drug-ridden path he and his friends have taken, POORSTACY’s “Choose Life” single is full of despair and feelings of defeat. However, he opens the song with a soundbite of a British person offering some encouragement to the listener. “Don’t live life limited to the boundaries that you’ve created for yourself,” the mysterious voice advises. “Choose to do as you please. Don’t give up. Choose life.”

In the music video for “Choose Life,” shots of POORSTACY and his friends partying on the beach, doing keg stands and being reckless are cut with shots of the emo-rapper and his band performing on stage and featured artist Travis Barker rocking out on the drums in his own home. Check out “Choose Life” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m always wrong, you’re always right
Why do we always have to fight?
All that I do is sacrifice myself for you
I’ve been looking for the light
I think I’m running out of time
I wanna dance the night away with you