NAV & Wheezy Re-Up With New Song “Pickney”

A lot of us haven’t even had the time to digest the initial shock caused by NAV and Wheezy with their Emergency Tsunami album but, already, they’ve reloaded the project with a couple of new records.

The rapper-producer duo made a big splash last week with their new album, which is expected to debut at #5 on the Billboard 200. As the Toronto native tries to sell an extra few copies of the album to surpass Juice WRLD, who is currently projected to move the same amount of album units for the week, NAV has released two bonus tracks from his album sessions.

“Pickney” is the second of the two, which we’re highlighting today. The record has NAV speaking about his demeanor, repping XO and stating that, while The Weeknd needs to always be a nice guy as the “pop star” of the label, he can personally still be a menace. 

Listen to the new song below and be sure to also check out “Stella McCartney” with Future here.

Quotable Lyrics:

XO ’til I overdose, you play, you gettin’ sprayed at
Abel gotta be a nice guy, but I don’t play that

Smoke inside my city, I’m the first to know the word
Linked up with Freebandz, now we got the birds
Signed with XO, I had to turn down Atlantic
Interscope flew me out to meet and I abandoned

I’m the last one, you can’t pull no fast one on me
Paid off my advance, I’ma cash out on me