Nav, Wheezy, & Lil Baby “Don’t Need Friends”

Last night, Nav and Wheezy came through to deliver their new collaborative album Emergency Tsunamia project that features guest appearances from Gunna, Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Sahbabii. Though it’s still a little too early to assess, it would appear that the masses have welcomed this wave with smiling faces, with many praising the chemistry between the Canadian fashionista and the YSL beatmaker. While there are certainly many viable bangers to choose from, it’s hard to argue with a new feature from Lil Baby, who continues to round out his stellar year with “Don’t Need Friends.” 

On the production front, Wheezy lays down an uptempo foundation with his signature percussion, layering a few atmospheric synthesizers over top. Lyrically, Nav remains a creature of habit, his bars generally centered around his expensive — and notably exotic — tastes. “Call up a thottie, I hit when I please,” he raps. “Whatever it take, might just pay her to leave / My bitch Latino, my choppa is Russian / Wheezy on beats, that’s expensive percussions.” Though generally more understated, Lil Baby is not about to be outdone by Nav, matching his every flex with one of equal magnificence.

At its core, “Don’t Need Friends” is typical modern flex rap, masterfully produced, capably delivered, and ultimately low-stakes. Some might say Emergency Tsunami in a nutshell — what do you think about Nav and Wheezy’s latest? 


Book me a show and I fly out the country 
I eat at Nobu when I get the munchies 
Driving in bucket seats, had to serve buckets
I put the top down and I let her suck it