Marques Houston Denies Rumors That He Dated Fiancée When She Was Underaged

Wanting to silence the rumors about himself and his alleged 19-year-old fiancée Miya, Marques Houston has come forward to answer the inquiries of gossipmongers. Internet sleuths were piecing together the timeline of Immature singer Marques Houston’s romance with Miya, and some people accused him of dating her while she was underage. Additionally, some stated that Miya has called Chris Stokes “daddy,” once again igniting the accusations from Raz B that Stokes, who created B2K and other pop groups, sexually molested him.

In his Instagram post, Marques claimed that people were trying to be “messy” by creating false narratives. “After reading the Blog that was published about my fiancé and I, I felt with this situation I needed to speak because this is not music or television, this is my family, my future wife and my life,” Marques said. “I met Miya in 2018 through a mutual friend. Never before then, did I even know she existed. The fact that she was listed on one of our films was a misprint or someone being messy. Anyone can post on IMDB. And there’s no way someone that young could even work on a film set in the position of Art Directer because that position requires years of experience.”

He added that he, Miya, and Chris Stokes are “like family” and Stokes’s “real daughter Chrissy” is a friend of Miya’s, as well. “Miya and I didn’t start dating until she was an adult. We fell in love and got engaged in March of 2019... So to all the rumors about me, none of it is true! And that’s the story. No twists, no turns, no scandals, just true love. There is nothing that can come to light, because there’s no darkness in my life.” Read his message in full below.