Logic Hangs Up His Mic With “No Pressure” Project

His introductory effort Under Pressure solidified his name in the rap game, so it’s only fitting that No Pressure would be the title of Logic’s final album. There has been much debate about Logic and his skills throughout his career, and recently Joe Budden once again put his foot down against the Maryland native, while Ebro Darden stepped forward to disagree. Wherever you may lay with your opinions about Logic, he’s bowing out of his rap career with an impressive project that is sure to gain acclaim.

According to the rapper, he has decided to hang up his mic because it’s time for him to focus on being a family man. The newlywed is also a new father, and as he adjusts to both roles, Logic is making money moves that don’t involve his rap aspirations. His deal with Twitch is evolving and we’re sure to hear more about that in the months to come but until then, stream No Pressure, and album exclusively produced by No I.D., and let us know what you think.


1. No Pressure
2. Hit My Line
3. GP4
4. Celebration
5. Open Mic. Aquarius III
6. Soul Food II
7. Perfect
8. man I is
9. DadBod
10. 5 Hooks
11. Dark Place
12. A2Z
13. Heard Em Say
14. Amen
15. Obediently Yours