Lil Tay’s Future Instagram Career To Be Decided By Custody Battle

With 6ix9ine going MIA and social media users generally growing tired of new attention seeking content, you’d be forgiven for forgetting Lil Tay aka “the youngest flexer of the century.”

She attained notoriety at the young age of 9 for her foulmouthed tirades on camera, bragging about luxury cars, clothes, and homes, and flashing plenty of cash.

The facade all came crashing down when it was revealed that her mom, a former Vancouver-area realtor, had been using her boss’ whips and properties for sale for the outrageous videos.

It turns out that in the midst of all of this, her parents have been going through a messy custody battle since 2018 that only intensified when Lil Tay’s account seemed to accuse her father of sexual abuse.

According to TMZ, “Lil Tay’s future will be heavily impacted by the judge’s decision.” Her mother reportedly wants to get back to the Instagram bag and bring back the Lil Tay character, while her father isn’t opposed to a career in entertainment but “prefers the more traditional career path of acting and singing.”

Lil Tay’s father was responsible for her social media absence, receiving a court order that required her to refrain from posting on IG and return home to Vancouver, citing concern for her wellbeing.