Social media hasn’t been kind to B. Simone in recent weeks. She was criticized for telling Nick Cannon during an interview that she can’t date a “nine to five” man who clocks in and out of a job, and later she was called out by bloggers for plagiarizing their work in her manifestation book. In the former case, B. Simone took the time to expound on her thoughts to say that all she meant was that she could only date an entrepreneur, and in the latter, she issued an apology claiming that the company she outsourced to help her create the book made shady moves.

B. Simone
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

Cancel Culture stormed social media calling for some sort of B. Simone Boycott, but Meek Mill interjected to come to her defense. He criticized Black people who are quick to cancel Black figures while scrutinizing them to a different standard than others. The rapper wasn’t the only person to stand up for B. Simone, as former reality star Laura Govan also added her two cents to the controversy.

The former Basketball Wives star and mother to Gilbert Arenas’s children shared a post on Instagram where she argued that if Kylie Jenner is able to receive support from the Black community, so should B. Simone. “@kyliejenner (Whom I LoVe) Stole Ur hole Look her lips her butt y’all hips and Made Almost Billions Doing It WITH UR SUPPORT!!! Now here’s @thebsimone Who Y’all Drage For Making A FEW Dollars For Taking Copies From a Book To Put Into Her Book! Like Y’all Never Did That In School.”

She added that people needed to change their “support mentality.” Check out the post below.