Lamar Odom Tattoos “Wifey” Sabrina Parr’s Lips On His Neck

In the Fall of 2019, prior to the never-ending 2020 pandemic lockdown, Lamar Odom popped the question to girlfriend Sabrina Parr. As the couple prepared to tie the knot, both Lamar and Sabrina took to their social media accounts to share the ups and downs of blending their families as the former basketball icon continues to walk the road of recovery. The world watched years ago as Lamar Odom nearly lost his life due to substance abuse, and later Odom admitted that he also has a sex addiction. 

Lamar’s personal issues were recently detailed in his memoir and Sabrina has remained by his side through this current stage of his life. They’ve fawned over one another online and it looks as if Odom has taken an extra step to show that he’s committed to his fiancée. “I wear my wedding ring on my neck!! Sorry if it offends anybody. Why? Tell me? #mybabydoll #wifey #whenyouknowshetheone #lamarandsabrina #happywifehappylife.”

It’s unclear why anyone would be offended by Lamar Odom receiving a tattoo of Sabrina’s lips, but your guess is as good as ours. The ink elicited a number of responses, causing the trolls to come out to play. Check out Lamar’s neck tattoo and let us know what you think.