King Von Adds Fivio Foreign To Drill-Influenced Single “I Am What I Am”

It’ll be just a few more hours before King Von delivers the visual to his latest single “I Am What I Am,” but for now, fans are just enjoying hearing the Chicago rapper join forces with Brooklyn Drill captain Fivio Foreign. Both artists are well-respect in their neighborhoods and beyond, and as two rappers who are claiming their time in the music scene, the world is ready to hear more of what they have to offer as time moves forward.

In recent months, King Von has found himself embroiled in online drama as his back and forths with Famous Dex have made headlines, as well as rumors about his relationship with Asian Doll. On “I Am What I Am,” Von and Fivio place the controversies in the backseat as they drop hard bars at full speed. Stream “I Am What I Am” by King Von featuring Fivio Foreign and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

My sh*t glow like Chief Keef
Switch on the Glock got my bullets on repeat
N*ggas act tough niggas don’t wanna see me
When they see me n*ggas blind like Stevie (Blind)
Ain’t for the school I ain’t learnin’ bout a peace treaty (Boom, boom)